• content

    that moves

    what’s in a name?

  • audiences

    to action

    share, collaborate, contribute, respond.

  • across


    web, desktop, mobile -
    implementing business change
    & enhancing capabilities

  • creating


    connecting organizations to audiences,
    turning viewers into engaged participants

  • whats

    our focus?

    Marketing Communications
    Internal Communications
    Knowledge Management
    Community & Capacity Building

  • what do we do?

    Produce & Consult. Develop & Explore, Report & Post.


  • produce

    & consult

    Stories that connect organizations to audiences. Consultation on communication strategies.


  • develop

    & explore

    applications, demos, proofs of concept.


  • report & post

    issues & technologies, reviews & evaluations,
    innovations & inspiration.


  • content

    that moves

    blending content creation with social media tools
    to create stories, maximize distribution
    & build involvement

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What do we do?

Produce & Consult

produce & consult

At Content That Moves we create interactive stories that connect organizations to audiences and constituents, working with clients to understand their communications challenges and crafting innovative solutions that meet their needs.

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Develop & Explore

develop & explore

the annexe is our behind the scenes development area, where we explore and prototype ideas we feel may be of use in our work. We continually push the boundaries of what’s possible – and you get exposed to new thinking without the cost or risks associated with experimentation.

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Report & Post


report & post

At toolbox we write and collect content relevant to our core areas of Marketing & Internal Communications, Knowledge Management and Community Building. Toolbox keeps your finger on the pulse of the industry – and helps you explore new initiatives and innovations from experts in their fields.

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What’s our focus?

We focus on developing and executing integrated approaches to organizational storytelling across multiple screens and platforms.

Marketing Communications

Internal Communications

Knowledge Management

Community & Capacity Building

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featured in the annexe

The Road to Huruma is an interactive examination of the progress made towards the Millenium Development goals. Click the picture above to take a look...

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